Do you want to make some extra cash?

  • Want to get rid of your old junk and make some money on the side?
  • Do you want to help out the environment at the same time?

Cash For ScrapDon't just take it to the tip and throw it into landfill (and pay tip fees for the privilege). Not only are you harming the environment, you are throwing away money!

That old scrap metal can be recycled to make new materials. It's good for the environment because recycling metal requires far less energy than creating metal from mining. And most metals can be recycled over and over again.

And even better, when you take in scrap metal to be recycled, we will pay you for the material. So you can turn that pile of junk into a pile of cash.

How to Recycle Your Scrap Metal

And what is more, recycling is really easy. Just follow these simple steps.
  • Scrap Metal RecyclingCollect up all your old scrap metal. Try to keep the different types of scrap separate from each other. If you have time you can process it a bit so you can make even more money. (See our handy hints below)
  • Bring it to us. We will weigh each type of metal you have brought into the yard.
  • Register with us. You will need your driver's licence, address details and ABN (if you have one).
  • Get paid cash! We pay cash for any amount of non-ferrous scrap metal (copper, aluminium, brass, stainless steel, bronze or lead). You must have more than 500kg of steel to get paid (if you have less you can dump it without any tip fees).

What Can You Recycle?

You can recycle any of the following materials with us:
  • Scrap MetalSteel including roofing iron, corrugated sheets, beams, hot water services, car bodies, and whitegoods
  • Copper including copper wire, sheet, copper boilers, pipe and tubing, and PVC coated copper wire
  • Aluminium including extrusions, sheet, aluminium pots & pans, wheels and used beverage cans
  • Brass - including taps
  • Stainless steel - including sinks
  • Bronze
  • Electric motors
  • Lead

You can identify most materials by sight. Use a magnet on any metals you think could be steel - if it sticks then it is most likely iron or steel.

If your magnet doesn't stick, but it sparks when you hit it with a grinder it is stainless steel. Otherwise if it is not magnetic, doesn't spark and looks like steel - it is aluminium.

Copper has a reddish colour, whereas brass has a more yellow colour.

How to find us

We are located in the south east suburbs of Melbourne at 360 Huntingdale Rd, South Oakleigh.
If you have any questions please contact us on (03) 9543 4751.

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